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7 Day Body Cleanser


Completely Clean 7-Day Permanent Cleanser was designed for those who want to cleanse their blood, urine, hair and saliva. This product will cleanse your system in only 7 days! The detox program includes a healthy, toxin-free diet, daily permanent cleansing capsules and proper water intake. This product is NOT a mask! It safely removes harmful toxins from your body, leaving you clean, healthy, toxin-free, and most importantly, feeling good.

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Pass a drug test? Tell me more drug testing information!

Passing a drug test has never been easier thanks to the new Whole Body Cleanse liquid detox solution.

Whole Body Cleanse is a highly unique formula for a number of reasons, most notably its size (only seven ounces) which makes it easily concealable, and its detoxification method.

Beat any drug test

Beating a drug test is possible thanks to . Utilizing drug testing solution technology similar to 's Ultra Klean XL Detox Drink, they've maximized the product real estate by effectively minimizing its size down from a large, bulky, heavy bottle into a tiny vial.

In other words, imagine all of the incredible drug testing detox properties of 's liquid formula products, extracting them, discarding the unnecessary carrying case and size, and compacting these high impact properties down into a vial about the size of an index finger!

Whole Body Cleanse works similar to a chaser. One does a small shot of the great tasting liquid concentrate at a comfortable pace, and follows it up with two cups of water and four herbal detox capsules (free with each order).

The free herbal detox capsules are similar to Daily Pre-Tox, but are designed to work in a more expeditious fashion to help boost the detoxification process. By stacking these herbal detox capsules with Whole Body Cleanse, we've got the best in portable liquid detox.

Drug Test Confidence

Drug test confidence is assured with Whole Body Cleanse backed with a from 100% to 500% double your money back guarantee.

Drug Testing Success

Drug testing success with Whole Body Cleanse should prove to be a very unique tool and addition to the liquid detox product line. Green Clean's "chaser" method of action is akin to a spray-on breath refresher: Its fast, tastes great, requires minimal prep, can be done anywhere and starts to work right away (within 60 minutes). has been very excited about the long awaited launch of Whole Body Cleanse, and we're proud to offer it to you exclusively on PADTZone!

Whole Body Cleanse Information Recap

1) Not as bulky as other liquid detox products.
2) Easy to carry around, small, light-weight, and concealable.
3) More palatable and the best tasting liquid detox product available.
4) Allows for "on the go" rapid liquid detox, and jolts into the Clean Zone for five hours.
5) Affordable and comes with a free PADTZone Stack Recommended Herbal Detox Capsules.

Random drug testing

Random drug testing is not something Whole Body Cleanse is able to completely accommodate. However, due to its compact, light-weight size, it is hypothetically possible to detox "on the fly" as long as drinking water is nearby, but is not effective for random drug tests done at home with a monitor. Instead, we recommend the new, amazing Ultra pure synthetic urine or the best-selling Instant Clean Additive for at home random drug testing.

Whole Body Cleanse Instructions

1) Avoid all toxins for at least 48 hours prior to your at-home urinalysis drug test.
2) Do not eat or drink for four hours prior to using Whole Body Cleanse.
3) Allow 60 minutes for Whole Body Cleanse to become effective.
4) Shake well and drink entire contents. Immediately after, consume two herbal detox capsules with 16 ounces of water (approximately two cups).
5) Wait 15 minutes, and then take the remaining two herbal detox capsules (free with each Whole Body Cleanse order) with another 16 ounces of water.
6) Urinate frequently to remove toxins.
7) Product will become effective within one hour and keeps one in the Clean Zone for up to five hours.

Note that if you hover somewhat close to the two hundred pound mark, consume an extra eight ounces of water for adequate hydration.

If you are 200 pounds or heavier, Whole Body Cleanse is not for you. Instead, we honestly must recommend the gold standard, Ultra Klean XL Detox Drink, for proper drug test detox although it does not have the benefits found with Whole Body Cleanse for passing a drug test.

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