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Drug Testing for Synthetic Drugs

Since man has first been able to alter chemistry they realized they could also alter chemicals or existing drugs to provide remarkably similar results to a desired compound. In the 80's and 90's it was Ecstacy, 00's "Spice" and "Bath Salts", 10's Molly (Ecstasy), Krokodil, and other research chemicals. Whatever the case, the list tends to grow each and every year.

The love affair with synthetic chemicals goes back further than the 80's. Most of these popular chemicals were originally created in the early 1900's, simply forgotten and lost to the eyes of time. The first major instance of recreational substances and synthetic drugs in American culture was the Hippie Generation with LSD being the primary synthetic drug of the time.

Popular Synthetic Drugs

Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) - Originally synthesized by Albert Hoffman and made famous with his historic experience of his bike ride home. LSD is a hallucinogenic drug with a duration of experience of about 8-12 hrs. LSD includes vivid open and closed eye visuals, patterning, and other hallucinatory effects. Dosages of LSD are in the microgram, which are quite smaller than a milligram, but LSD is still considered fairly safe in doses higher than recommended.

Ecstasy - Though Ecstasy had been around for some time in various forms, for example MDA (aka Adam), it really didn't start gather a lot of public attention till the late 80's-early 90's. It was at this time that it was reported to being used as what was called a "club drug". MDMA (aka Eve) is a hallucinogenic stimulant. However, MDMA's hallucinations tend to be tactile and bodily focused.

Molly - Ecstacy with an updated name and look.

Methamphetamine - Another common synthetic research chemical is methamphetamine. Around since the early 1990's, it has a varied story and past, it was even used by Hitler and his men. However in the early 2000's a "recipe" surfaced to easily manufacture it at home with mainly household ingredients. During this time the South experienced an explosion of meth labs and actual explosions from meth labs. In present time, the Mexican Mafia controls the largest portion of the methamphetamine market.

Synthetic Cannabinoids - The original products of this class, "K2" & "Spice", have now become the popular slang terms for this class of chemical. The chemicals, which are sprayed onto a herbal base blend, are meant to resemble natural THC that is found in Cannabis. The difference is that the majority of these synthetic cannabinoids are ten to one hundred times more potent than THC. This makes the likelihood of an accidental overdose extremely likely in inexperienced users.

Bath Salts - The synthetic designer drug most commonly labeled bath salts was originally found in the Khat Plant but chemically altered to produce a stronger more addictive drug. Cathinone drugs, which are the most common class of designer bath salts, are notorious for an urge to continue redosing even when an individual knows that there is no need to.

RC's(Research Chemicals) - Strikingly easy to find any number of vendors online, the research chemical market has exploded on the internet. With any various kinds of chemicals available there is something for every taste, they exist within a gray area within the law. The most interesting thing about this class of drug is that they are evolving and changing so fast that laws cannot keep up with them.

Krokodil - If methamphetamine is the poor mans cocaine, then krokodil is the poor mans heroin. This drugs has actually been around for a really long time as pharmaceutical desomorphine but its use was discontinued in the United States. However, this drug has been a major problem in countries such as Russia because it is easily made from codeine and other household chemicals. It has very recently made its way into the United States and is known to cause Krokodil like skin on its users due to the impurities created in clandestine labs.

THE FUTURE, 3D Printed Drugs- With 3D printing quickly becoming more and more common it is thought that by 2015 prescription drugs could be coming via a 3D Printer near you. Can you imagine what this future holds?

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