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How to pass a Drug Test - Information

Prior to the late 1980's drug testing in large or small companies, schools, and other environments was completely unheard of. Drug tests were administered on a much smaller and less generalized scale. However, in today's world everything has completely changed. Don't be surprised if you're required to take a mandatory drug test before your interview, or if your current employer starts random drug testing to reduce their workforce. New laws have recently been passed which require passing a drug test to receive benefits from government programs such as welfare.

With the majority of companies now infringing on individual rights to even be considered for a job or placing a blanket policy of supposedly "random drug testing" on its employees, its no wonder why the economy is in its current state. There are thousands of hard working Americans out there who do not use any substances driving, at work, or any other dangerous situations. Yet these hard working people do nothing except try to wind down after a hard days work, but cannot pass a urine test without having a major blockade in front of them.

The absolute worst thing that could ever happen is infringing on nearly every bodily fluid available for them to drug test. As sad as it is to say, this worse case scenario has already happened. Companies now have urinalysis, blood, saliva, and hair follicle drug tests to impede on our rights to use substances in the privacy of our own homes. In 1998 is when the US Supreme Court took drug testing to its maximum invasion of personal privacy. This year the Supreme Court affirmed their decision, hair follicle drug tests will remain constitutional. It was also during this same year, disgusted with the continued assault on individual rights that we launched our website Pass Any Drug Test.

How to Pass a Marijuana Drug Test

Their are many drugs available on the black market, but unfortunately the most widely used chemical substance is the most difficult to detox. Majority of the people who fail drug tests are usually marijuana smokers. The time it takes to remove marijuana toxins from your system depends on several factors such as metabolism speed, the last time of use, weight etc.

Many people want to know how they can pass a marijuana drug test naturally but it's not that simple. People will generally face challenges when it comes to beating a drug test, most drug tests are requested on short notice. Other users find it extremely difficult to stay off marijuana for an extensive period in order for their body to naturally detox. While marijuana may not be physically addicting like other drugs, it can be mentally addicting.

Luckily we have several solutions to help you pass a drug test. The cheapest, most reliable solution for urine drug testing would be our Synthetic Urine Kit. This product is extremely reliable, and can be used by both males and females. Many people are unsure if their drug test will be supervised, which is why we also provide our Detox Drink which will mask the toxins for up to 5 hours.

Depending on how important this drug test is, we usually recommend anyone who is unsure if they will be supervised during their urine drug test to purchase synthetic urine and a detox drink. Although the detox drink is reliable, failure to properly follow the directions can result in a failure. Our synthetic urine is completely worry-free and you'll already know you passed your drug test when you leave. If your drug test turns out to be supervised our clean urine kits have a 2-year shelf life in normal room temperatures.

We also offer a way to completely remove these toxins from your system through our Marijuana Permanent Detox Kits. We offer several different kits which vary based on personal weight, and toxins consumed. Please refer to the permanent detox kits page for more information, and if you need help with your specific situation please call our customer service representatives.

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